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By Constantine Cavarnos

This book is a continuation of the series New Library, three volumes of which have already appeared in print in recent years. These volumes present a total of one hundred discussion-reviews of as many books by Greek, American, Russian, and other writers.

The present, fourth volume, has been given the subtitle “Messages from the Holy Mountain,” because all the reviews pertain to works written by monks of the Holy Mountain of Athos, and contain important messages by them for people of the present age, with regard to subjects such as monasticism, humanism, secularism, technological civilization, and education; states of the mind such as anguish, depression, serenity, and joy; practices such as fasting and prayer; and the spiritual attainments of virtue, holiness, and salvation. 2003. 158pp., numerous illus. and photographs.

ISBN 1-88472969-X Cloth $15.00
By Constantine Cavarnos

Life, art, and thought on the Holy Mountain of Athos. In this fascinating and inspiring book, the author describes the monk’s daily routine of activities, including private and corporate prayer, study, and work. Through questions, he elicits the views of the monks on monasticism, contemporary mankind, philosophy, solitude, fasting, prayer and other topics. An authority on Byzantine art, he gives detailed observations of superb frescoes and panels icons, pointing out the role they play in the life of the monks, and also deals with the architecture of the churches and the music that is chanted in them. 1959. Fourth printing, 1995. 230 pp., 74 illus. and map.

ISBN 0-914744-31-3 Paperbound $12.95
By Constantine Cavarnos

A companion volume to Anchored in God in three parts. Part One, a lecture at Yale University, is a comprehensive account of the scholars, missionaries, and saints of Athos. Part Two, a lecture delivered at Colgate University, is the first attempt to discuss the music, musicians and hymnographers of Athos from the tenth century to the present in a somewhat extensive and systematic manner. Part Three is an account of a sojourn on the Holy Mountain, bringing to light new messages and perspectives from the holy monks who dwell there. The book deals with Athonite figures of Greek and other ethnic backgrounds: Russians, Serbs, Bulgarians, and Rumanians. 1973. Reprinted, 1977 and 1988. 172 pp., 16 plates.

ISBN 0-914744-38-0 Paperbound $11.95
Also available in the Greek language.

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