Institute for Byzantine & Modern Greek Studies


The Institute for Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies (IBMGS), in Belmont, Massachusetts, was founded in 1956 by Professor Constantine Cavarnos (PH.D., Harvard University). It was granted a Charter of Incorporation as a non-profit cultural organization by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in 1969. The Charter Members of the Institute are Constantine Cavarnos, John P. Cavarnos, PH.D., D.PHIL., Athan Anagnostopoulos, PH.D., Constantine S. Dukakis, LL.B., Charles B. Ashanin, PH.D., John Kalogiannis, and John Johnstone, Jr., M.D. Since its founding, the IBMGS has established a worldwide reputation for its scholarly activities and publications.

The Institute serves to promote:

  • The study of Byzantine and modern Greek life, art, thought, language, philosophy, and religion (primarily Orthodox Christianity).
  • The dissemination of this knowledge to scholars and the general public through research, publications, lectures, and discussions.
  • The importance and relevance of Byzantine and modern Greek civilization for present-day American life and civilization.

The Institute’s notable publications program boasts of many books and monographs in English and Greek, a large number of which have been translated into several foreign languages. They are distributed to all major college and university libraries and are available through American and European book distributors and bookstores. Institute publications are printed on acid-free bond (usually 70-lb weight).

The Institute has organized and offered, over the years, public lectures and seminars on the writings and thought of Alexandros Papadiamantis, the greatest narrative writer of modern Greece; Photios Kontoglou, renowned writer and painter; the history and value of the Greek language; Byzantine iconography; Byzantine music; Icons (both panels and murals) from Cyprus and Mount Athos; and on various topics of interest in philosophy and Byzantine history.

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